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Vineyard Cycle 

Pruning Trim last years growth
Our vines are cordon/spur pruned leaving 2 buds per spur and about 40 buds per vine.
January - February
First Swell Sap is starting to flow and the buds have a fuzzy look called woolybud. New vines are planted if needed. Late March - April
Bud Burst Watching for frost damage until April 15th. Chardonnay is usually first to pop out in early April. April
First Leaf Growth speeds as temperatures rise. Shoots are easy to knock off accidentally in this stage. April-May
Fourth Leaf Massive vegetative growth.  Time to trim suckers and unwanted growth from the trunk. May
Flowering Usually 6-8 weeks after budbreak when shoots have 15 leaves. May - June
Summer Pruning Leaf plucking to remove leaves from around the fruit.  This promotes better flavors in the fruit. Shoot thinning and positioning to orient the shoots for best sunlight and air flow. A properly arranged canopy is less susceptible to disease. June-July  
Berry Development Shoot growth slows and berries take shape. June-July  
Ripening Hard berries start to take on color and  begin V�raison or rapid ripening.  Berries increase in size and begin to soften.  Good time to hedge the vines if they grow beyond 15 leaves or create lateral shoots.  Crop yield is estimated and a 'green harvest' may be done to remove the excess fruit. July-August  
Harvest  Fruit is examined daily to monitor flavor changes, increases in sugar levels and decreases in acidity.  The optimal timeframe for harvest is usually only 3 or 4 days long. Late August - September
Entering Dormancy Photoperiodism is the mechanism that plants use to regulate their life processes. After the Summer Solstice (Sept. 22) the daylight hours shorten and it is a signal for the plant to begin senescence - a term for the process that leads to leaf aging, trunks thickening and vines changing their metabolism rates for winter. October Fall colors appear as the vines prepare for winter.
Dormant Very little activity.  In preparation for dormancy the vines have dried out their leaves and produced sugars and amino acids, which act as antifreeze.

Time to work on trellis, deer fencing and machinery.

November - December


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