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Banquet Event Policies

Common Questions

Can I bring Beer & is there a charge?

As a licensed ABC retailer in Virginia, you are not able to bring your own beer or any other alcohol on our premises.

Should I come visit on a weekend or weekday for my appointment?

We will be happy to meet with you on any weekend as long as there is not a banquet in progress. Please call ahead of time to set an appointment any time from 11AM-5PM.

After I sign your contract, what should I do next?

All banquets are custom-tailored for our clients. We encourage you to provide your own cake maker, DJ or band, and florist. Ask us for a list of recommended vendors. All food and alcohol are provided by Heritage Park.

May I have a Cash Bar?

Yes .

Can I bring other wines from Virginia or wines from other states or countries?

No� Only Belle Mount Wines may be used. You will note that our wine prices are not caterer prices (i.e. restaurant price) and we offer you an additional 20% discount on our wines for your Wedding .

Can I bring my own Tent and/or Rentals?

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with a local rental company. We have used them on several occasions and can highly recommend their professionalism.

Can I use my ceremony chairs and move them afterwards into the pavilion for the reception?

No� This ends up looking tacky and does not lend to a smooth transition. If your ceremony and reception are both at Belle Mount, you should expect to rent additional white chairs for the ceremony portion of your wedding. You will be glad you did.

Can I bring our own Soft Drinks?

No�VABC State Code requires Belle Mount to be responsible for Designated Drivers, thus it is our responsibility to carry refreshments in accordance to VASAP (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program)

Who caterers your events? & When do you need the final numbers?

Belle Mount is a full service event site. We have menus available online to view. Our preferred caterers have been pre-screened and meet Federal, state and local Insurance and safety codes. These caterers are professionally experienced at Belle Mount and know how to conduct an event smoothly. Our experience has shown to go with a caterer that knows our site well. Belle Mount needs your final head count at least 7 working days prior to your event . A $500.00 non-refundable deposit will be required upon signing your agreement with Belle Mount. Then, the remaining balance will be due as follows: 50% of the entire catering fee is due one month before you event; the balance, along with the final headcount, is due one week before your event.

When can we decorate?

Due to the number of events at Belle Mount and the fact that we are open to the public everyday -- this varies with each and every event. In most cases we allow Wedding Parties & Large Corporate Events to decorate the day before during our normal operating Hours. Should you need staffing after hours in order to decorate we will bill you accordingly. Please be respectful when you do decorate as to our other guests and other events at the winery.

Do you provide consultation?

Belle Mount serves as a site only, however we are able to provide you with a full service venue, we can also provide additional staff assigned only to you as a full time consultant on your event.

Is free parking provided?

Yes�we have parking accommodations to handle approximately 500 vehicles. If you need valet parking, we will provide this for you. You may not bring outside valet parkers onto the Belle Mount Site.

Do you have any recommended DJ�s or Live Bands?

Yes�we do. We can refer you to DJ's or live bands, however, if you secure your own entertainment, please note that Heritage Park has the right to approve of your selection.

Who do I contact in order to proceed with a Custom Wine Label for my event?

Contact us to discuss any private wine labeling.

What about a wedding stylist/florals/ bridal consultant?

Contact Heritage Park at 804-333-4038

Are there are toys or play area for Children?

We do not provide toys, nor do we provide a supervisor. Your children must be supervised, as we are not responsible for them. We also highly recommend only "well behaved children" at Belle Mount, as we have a large number of expensive wine bottles that can easily be broken, and you are ultimately responsible for any and all damages.

Can we provide Welcome Bags and or Departure Gift Bags?

Yes ..feel free to discuss these bags and their placement with us.

Can I provide my own limousine? Who provides Transportation?

Yes, Belle Mount does not provide this service.

What time should our music/noise shut down?

When do you stop serving alcohol? The contract timeline serves for music/noise shut down. Richmond County requires all alcohol service to end at 1AM.

And What happens if a guest of mine is Intoxicated?

Belle Mount staff is "TIPS" trained, (Training for Intervention Procedures) and we stop serving alcohol diplomatically to any individual we deem is intoxicated or the guest behavior of the individual is unacceptable for his or her personal safety and the safety of your guests, our guests, staff and the general community. If you guests are intoxicated and our trained staff determines they are unsafe, Belle Mount will then call a taxi, limousine or van for your personal safety to take them home or to their Hotel - however you are ultimately responsible for these transportation charges for you and all your guests. This is why we highly recommend designated drivers or motorcoach transportation! Furthermore, we stop serving alcohol 45 minutes prior to the end of your event and offer Soft Drinks, Coffee, and other non-alcoholic beverages during this time period. Again, you are responsible for the costs of these non-alcoholic beverages if a guest is ill or intoxicated and requests such beverage.

Is there a local Hotel or Bed & Breakfast?

Yes�there are many. We will provide you with our list, or visit the Northern Neck Tourism Council at

How do we handle the gratuity/tipping and how much is expected?

Our normal rate is 20% - Please do NOT tip the staff directly, a gratuity has already been included in the billed price.

Outdoor Ceremonies - DO'S & DONT'S
� DO: Be aware of special needs of older or disabled guests.
� DO: Keep the decor simple...pre-decorated arches and aisle markers.
� DON'T: Keep guests waiting without seats in the sun. Start the ceremony on time.
� DON'T: Plan a ceremony longer than 20 minutes.


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